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August 28, 2013
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Commission: Pseudochangelings by Siansaar Commission: Pseudochangelings by Siansaar
Note: The commissioner wants to remain anonymous and didn't give me any infos beyond what i'm gonna copypaste here, so please don't ask.

"Compare wasps to honeybees and you have a relatively good idea on what these creatures are compared to normal changelings.

They form hives of roughly 100-strong underground, led by a queen, usually next to a town or small city, in order to feed off love and positive emotions, such as joy. They stand about roughly the height of a pony, and they have clear, dragonfly-like wings on their backs. However, instead of the crests that adorn the head and rump, and instead of a shell on the back, they have moth or bumblebee-like hair. Their eyes are also different, because while they are generally one color, the "whites" of the eye, the iris, and the pupil are all visible.

There are four roles in a pseudochangeling hive: guards, workers, gatherers, and queens; all of which are important to the security of the hive.

Gatherers are the most numerous in a hive, generally amounting to about half of the population. They go out into the world and transform themselves into ponies to gather positive emotions, usually choosing to gather emotional radiation rather than drain others by force. They usually gather their emotions by seeking employment in a career that would normally elicit joy, love, or gratitude; psychologist, baker, and nanny are all examples of the jobs they take. In order to make themselves more believable as ponies, each one practices a special talent from a young age, sometimes even posing as fillies when nymphs to attend school!

Workers are responsible for the upkeep and expansion of the hive, in addition to ensuring the safe and proper storage of collected love. They are generally bulkier than either workers or soldiers, because they are the main source of physical labor in the hive. Unlike other changeling hives, the pseudochangelings keep the place relatively clean; why they do this is unknown. The workers are also responsible for distilling the emotions that the gatherers bring into concentrated emotional essence. Some clever queens capitalize on this; they sell any excess essence they have on the market to earn money, as the liquified feelings magnify the effectiveness of certain potions.

Every member of a pseudochangeling hive occasionally has to do guard duty over the vital areas of the hive. Those whose main career is guarding, though, amount to roughly 10% the population. These individuals act as the leaders in combat, being the field commanders of the hive. The armor they wear generally is metal, their chitin being unsuitable for protection (as the Mane 6 proved during the Canterlot invasion)

Pseudochangeling queens are the leaders, responsible for overseeing every aspect of the hive. They possess power roughly equivalent to a gifted unicorn or pegasus, they are not quite as physically or magically able as other queens. The queen, though, is generally much smarter than the rest of the others in her hive, and possesses an IQ of roughly 30 above average; in addition to towering over her subjects. There is only one ruling queen in a hive at any given time; the queens secrete a pheromone that renders it impossible for other changelings to develop into royalty. When a queen gets old enough, production of this pheromone ceases, only resuming production when another changeling queen is born to either the current one, or to another parent. The queens can live up to 400 years or more.

Unlike regular changelings, all pseudochangelings have both male and female sexual organs, though they usually have some form of gender identity. Further unlike regular changelings, they can reproduce, and often intermarry, with ponies, which is a surprisingly common occurrence due to easier accessibility to love and other positive emotions. Their children are either ponies or other pseudochangelings.

Reproduction is a rather bizarre matter. A pseudochangeling impregnated by a pony always lays a translucent blue egg, from which a pseudochangeling hatches two months later, at roughly 3 years equivalent in pony age. Ponies impregnated by pseudochangelings will either (50%) give live birth to either a unicorn or a pegasus (no earth ponies have been reported), or give live birth to a pseudochangeling (thankfully as a small nymph).

Transforming is also harder to do, requiring more energy to maintain and form a disguise, although they have the unique trait of being able to hold a disguise after being forcibly knocked out. In addition, it also is not uncommon for these creatures to live away from the hive and only return to give up their emotional payload.

Due to this species' similarities with ponykind, those who have studied these creatures often conclude that their traits could very well be a product of a curse; either on changelings so they could better understand ponies, or on ponies as punishment for some foul misdeed. Either way, the changelings like it, because they get all the love they can eat and, better yet, no one tries to hunt them down!"
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Kujiiro Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2014
This actually seems like a really friendly race to be one that feeds off of positive emotions. Just a bunch of creatures that like to surround themselves with happiness. I can feed that.
sonikclaw2 Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2014
What's that stuff that Witherwings has around his/her neck?
Siansaar Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
collected love.
OceanRailroader Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2014
I was working on a fan fic called Dinner for Changelings about a humanoid Changeling Queen that was bred by Queen Chrysalis to feed off of humans. The idea being that a pony would have six times the love and emotions to feed off then one of those cat things in the comics while a human would have ten times the emotions of a pony. Which would mean a human could feed a hive for a week or two in the fan fic. Also another thing I'm thinking about is that not all love that Changelings feed off of is equal such as there would be differnt grades of love to where some love would be very filling while other love would be like junk food and while other love would be worthless to them and still leave them starving for more.

What I like this artwork about a Changeling feeding off of someone is I think in reality it might be in the Changeling Queen's interest to not suck them dry to where there victim  becomes a zombie. Such as with Queen Chrysalis she goes around feeding off of people no mater who they are to the point where she sucks them dry and they become zombies which in turn attracts a lot of bad attention and unlike ponies who put up with the Changelings the humans start hunting both of them down and in some cases even get shot at when the lover she is impersonating walks in on them. Also it would attract a lot of unnecessary attention if someone's loved one showed up a as a sucked dry zombie or dead.

The Changeling girl though has a different tactic to feed off of love then Queen Chrysalis such as she goes around and feeds off of love from humans but she views it more as a game. To where she enjoys getting the attention from the would be lover in the form of gifts and fancy meals and then she feeds off of them. When she feeds off of she drains a portion of their love but not enough to kill them or turn them into a zombie and then walks off or flies off into the night. The victim meanwhile wakes up the next morning with a bad hangover with no permanent damage to them. Expect they have a broken heart for their beautiful dream girl lover has left them. She also does show concern for one of the human characters when she does feed off of him and he has some type of medical complication unrelated to her feeding off of him. In that her first thoughts are that she doesn't want to have a dead body on her hands and even considers calling 911. In that if he does show up dead she would be the first one they would go after. While Queen Chrysalis doesn't care if her victims show up dead or not.

What makes this interesting is she also the Assistant Cruise Director on a human cruise ship which is a proody of the TV Show the Love Boat.
Necroant Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2013
Make no mistake, they will be hunted anyway, after all of the proper changelings are extinct. Fearfull eyes will see no difference between two species.
PickFairy Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2014  Student General Artist
I would disagree, these are ponies, after all, not humans. It's been shown that all dragons do not get along with ponies, and yet Spike is not treated like an outcast. If ponies were fearful, they'd easily not trust Spike and accuse him of becoming an awful dragon or betray them or whatever lies the fear may create. In the end, Spike is treated no differently, and that goes the exact same no matter what town he's in. Equestria's society is not like our own, and thus would not hunt down these changelings based on this evidence.  
OceanRailroader Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2014
If the ponies know about these types of Changelings and that they are friendly they might let them stay in that they understand they pose no danger or aggressive behavior.

In terms of Spike I think the ponies understand that he poses and has shown that he is not a danger to the ponies and the ponies understand this.

Also there was something I was thinking about as far as Changelings go say you have a hive with a friendly Changeling Queen running it who does not harm ponies. If the good Changeling Hive is there and has a territory. Then the friendly Changeling Hive will keep out the more aggressive Changeling Hive's drones out of a area that the ponies live in. This means that if the good queen gets sick or injured the ponies might help her to help her keep her territory up to keep out the more aggressive hives.
PickFairy Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2014  Student General Artist
*bro hoofs this comment and point*
Necroant Featured By Owner Edited Nov 22, 2014
It is entirely possible that changelings can instill enough fear and hatred to drive even herbivores into a panicked stampede.
enderare Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2013
love it, here's my love.
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